Top 5 Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen

As a Hudson Valley home improvement center, the design team at Affordable Granite & Cabinetry work with many homeowners in the Fishkill and surrounding area who are renovating their kitchens. Whether the homes are farmhouse traditional or newer construction, kitchen remodeling is usually done to create an updated look. Here are the top five elements to include when you plan your new contemporary kitchen.

monochromatic color kitchen

1. Monochromatic color palettes.

Whether soft neutrals or bold hues, monochromatic color palettes create a harmonious look in any room. A monochromatic selection uses varying shades (darker) or tints (lighter) of the same base color.

  • Varying the tones of a color in one room can make a smaller space look larger.
  • You may pick up a color in use elsewhere in the house and bring it into the kitchen in different “color temperatures” or lighter/darker on the color wheel.
  • In the kitchen, you may choose to paint the cabinets to complement a wall color.
  • Engineered stone countertops can be rendered in so many colors, these become excellent design elements in a monochromatic color scheme.
  • Natural stone countertops are in more neutral shades and fit well with any décor and neutral color scheme.

square and minimal kitchen

2. Square or minimal finishes

Simplicity telegraphs contemporary when it comes to your kitchen’s finishing touches—and the way they are finished. What was once considered more on the commercial side is now very in vogue for residential kitchen remodeling projects.
Look for squared edging on countertops instead of beveled or bullnose edges, mitered edges connecting to waterfall panels on kitchen islands, simple slab doors on the cabinetry without any decorative flourishes, or “no frills” hardware.

full backsplash kitchen

3. Full backsplash

Rather than the smaller 4” backsplash, updated kitchens are going big on the full backsplash. This simpler look avoids looking at LOTS of tile and grout in certain spaces and is very easy to clean since it’s all one smooth surface. A full backsplash in quartz or stone is simple, and usually matches the countertop which adds to the monochromatic element. There is no grout and usually no visible joints, so the look is truly seamless.

frameless cabinets

4. Full access or frameless cabinets

Today’s homeowners need all the room they can get from their kitchen cabinetry. Frameless cabinets generally offer the most contemporary options. With no frame to the cabinet, there is an extra element of interior space along with no reveal of the door on the frame. Frameless cabinetry allows you to install your cabinets door-to-door with a consistent gap between for a more consistent appearance and clean aesthetic. You can read more about frameless cabinets on this previous blog post.

hidden appliances

5. Hidden appliances

A seamless, uninterrupted look immediately says, “contemporary kitchen.” Hidden appliances are a great way to achieve this. Create a feeling of “less is more” by installing integrated panels that match the cabinetry and hide your dishwasher or refrigerator. Add small cabinets and drawers that conceal small kitchen appliances like the coffee maker or blender—and create a hidden charging station for mobile devices. Warming drawers and wine refrigerators built into a new kitchen island are another way to hide kitchen appliances and create a blended-in look.

At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we also offer fabulous accessories for your kitchen cabinetry such as pullout spice racks and appliance lifts for heavier equipment such as large mixers or juicers.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel and need inspiration for contemporary kitchen design—or any type of design for your Hudson Valley home—we invite you to visit our Fishkill showroom for the latest in cabinets, countertops, and flooring. We serve homeowners in towns throughout Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster counties. Come see us at 38 Route 9 or call (845) 284-9854 for a kitchen design appointment.