Time to Rethink Vinyl Flooring with Mannington ADURA® Vinyl Plank

At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we carry ADURA® vinyl plank flooring from Mannington — the leader in vinyl plank flooring. This realistic flooring product provides a lot of wow without any of the maintenance worry. And it has our Hudson Valley customers rethinking vinyl flooring, for many good reasons.


Think vinyl flooring isn’t for your home? Not sure what it is or how it will look?

What is vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring looks like laminate flooring and hardwood plank flooring. Because of its materials, it can be created with many different looks (more on that below). Vinyl plank flooring is manufactured in several ways, which all incorporate PVC into its structure.

1 – Expanded polymer core (WPC). This has a rigid expanded PVC core with tiny air pockets that provide excellent sound properties. The core is joined with a traditional thin luxury vinyl tile cap and usually has an attached pad on the back for softness underfoot. Like laminate, it often has a locking system and does not require any glue to install it (floating floor).

2 – Solid PVC core (SPC) and a thin traditional luxury vinyl tile cap that has all the visual interest. This is very stiff and tough to withstand indentation and temperature fluctuations. It is also generally a floating floor, installed without glue.

3 – Luxury vinyl tile (LVT), composed of multiple layers of flexible PVC. It is less stiff than the others, has a scratch-resistant layer, a decorative/image layer, and durable flexible backing. Most LVT products require adhesive to install.

Benefits of vinyl plank flooring

This versatile flooring is waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, extremely durable, and offers a wide variety of looks as well as realistic visuals.

These attributes make vinyl flooring an excellent choice for high-traffic areas and spaces where moisture is present (kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms). Its durability means vinyl plank won’t scratch, indent or stain easily, making it perfect for children’s play areas or wherever you need pet-friendly flooring. It cleans easily with a broom, vacuum or microfiber sweeper and a damp mop and mild cleaner will take care of heavier dirt. Vinyl plank never needs waxing and the protective wear layer maintains its luster for many years.

Best of all, the realistic visuals of vinyl plank give an authentic look of wood, stone, concrete, and decorative tile, and comes in patterns, textures, and styles that complement any décor.

Why choose Mannington ADURA vinyl plank for your home

Mannington’s ADURA® line of vinyl plank flooring is a superior product that sets the stage for high style and performance. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and installation options.

In addition to the benefits noted above (waterproof; resistant to scratches, stains, fading, and indentations; easy to maintain), all ADURA® floors from Mannington are FloorScore® certified. That means they are independently tested and meet stringent indoor air quality standards. This certification also qualifies all these (and other Mannington floors) for low VOCs—especially important for individuals with chemical sensitivities.

ADURA® brings on-trend style to any home with realistic wood grains and surface textures, long and wide planks, variable width planks, and ceramic tile looks.  It is available in four lines:



ADURA®Max features Mannington’s innovative HydroLoc™ waterproof core—making it the perfect choice for your most challenging rooms offers the industry’s best wear, scratch resistance, and stain resistance. It also dampens sound by 30%, making it an excellent flooring option where quiet is needed, such as muti-story homes, media rooms, music rooms and kids’ play spaces. It can be installed over existing hard surface floors. It is available in planks and tiles.


ADURA®Rigid’s solid core delivers superior indentation resistance. This line can be enjoyed immediately after installation and it can handle wide temperature ranges. The Rigid line is super strong and durable with superior indentation resistance, making it ideal for home gyms, kids’ rooms, and kitchens. It can also be installed over existing hard surface floors, and is available in both planks and tiles.


This traditional glue down LVT floor can be installed in long runs without transition strips from room to room. This makes it a great option for homes with open floor plans, for seniors, or those with special needs. ADURA®Flex features the most advanced scratch resistant technology on the market. You’ll appreciate using Flex in a kitchen remodel, since cabinets can be installed on top of this floor. It is available in both planks and tiles; and tile can be installed with or without grout.

Why install Mannington flooring?

We’re glad you asked. At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we are big fans of this family-owned company. It was founded in 1915 and is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. In addition, Mannington’s luxury vinyl plank floors:

  • Are made in the USA
  • Are double embossed for realistic color and texture
  • Offer Microban®, which helps protect floors 24/7 against bacteria growth and remain 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces (automatically applied to all ADURA® flooring)
  • Incorporate Mannington ScratchResist®technology to help keep floors looking newer longer


Learn more about ADURA® vinyl plank flooring from Mannington, and visit our Affordable Granite & Cabinetry showroom in Fishkill to see all our flooring samples (and so much more) for your Hudson Valley home. Call us at (845) 564-0500 or fill out our form to make an appointment with our home remodeling experts.