Spotlight on Cambria Quartz Countertops

We shared information in a prior post about why granite countertops are so popular—and why granite makes an excellent material for your Hudson Valley kitchen renovation or new construction. This month, we are featuring a supplier of high-quality quartz countertops, Cambria, a family-owned company based in Minnesota that manufactures its extensive product line in the USA.

Why we’re big fans of Cambria quartz countertops

At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we put Cambria’s style, durability, quality, and sustainability at the top of our list. 

  • Manufacturing: Cambria prides itself on its “mountaintop to countertop” ecosystem of mining and manufacturing. The company does its own mining in Canada and retains only the top 5-10% of crushed quartz stone for the countertops, which are manufactured in the Minnesota factory. The remainder of the quartz is recycled for road fill in the state.

Each countertop contains 93% pure white quartz, one of the highest concentrations in the industry and far superior to other brands that are manufactured overseas; pigments and binders all come out of Texas, to further boost domestic production.

  • Durability: Cambria’s superior machinery ensures fewer air pockets, ensuring a stronger, less porous, more stable slab with consistent thickness. The countertops are rated 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which measures a mineral’s relative resistance to scratching. These countertops will not dull, chip or scratch and come with a lifetime warranty. Plus, Cambria’s countertops are certified NSF 51 for foodservice performance (the same designation as stainless steel in commercial kitchens), and the company holds important certifications in the green or sustainable sector. 

Cambria is proud of its product and has the best warranty on the market for quartz countertops—a transferrable lifetime warranty that can be transferred to the new owner when you sell your home. 

Cambria quartz countertops are highly stain-resistant and easy to care for; warm soap and water or an environmentally-friendly cleaner such as Simple Green are all you need.

  • Style/design: Cambria has an extensive design portfolio compared to other brands of quartz countertops, with over 200 patterns in various thicknesses for versatility. For example, its 6MM countertops can be backlit (dramatic!) and the 1CM, 2CM and 3CM countertops offer beautiful design possibilities with stacked edges, waterfalls, and vertical installations. (The Affordable Granite & Cabinetry design team will guide you on this element of your kitchen remodel.)

Among our recent favorites are Cambria’s new Leabridge Satin Ridge™ and Brittanicca Block™ designs. 

  • Leabridge Satin Ridge features gradations of cool white and warm honey, with borders of textured ridges. The effect is reminiscent of salt flats, and provides great visual interest to any kitchen. 
  • Brittanicca Block is a Cambria signature design that resembles tile backsplash, with parallel lines that have unique veining, patterns, and tonality against a milky white background. It is made with 99% recycled content, further boosting the company’s commitment to sustainable products and manufacturing practices. 
  • We also like the marble-like veining in Cambria’s Inverness patterns, with debossing detail that adds texture and visual interest.



  • Sustainability: Cambria’s pledge to sustainable mining and manufacturing practices is unsurpassed. It backfills mining sites to restore the land after quartz is extracted, uses crushed stone as opposed to extracting full slabs from the earth, deploys a domestic supply chain to limit its transportation carbon footprint, recycles 100% of the water used for production, and uses hydroelectric power at its mine. In addition, all diamond-metal tooling is refurbished and reused to prolong its usable life. Read more about Cambria’s sustainability practices here
  • Financing: As a Cambria dealer, we provide access to the manufacturer’s proprietary financing program. Qualified customers can finance up to $75,000 towards a remodel project that includes Cambria quartz, with payment plans to match your budget. You’ll find information about our interest-free financing on your Cambria quartz countertops here.

Hudson Valley kitchens (and homeowners)—rejoice!

If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project or are building a new home in the Hudson Valley, natural quartz countertops are an excellent addition to your plans. At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we carry an extensive array of natural and engineered stone countertops that will last for many years and meals to come. Visit our Fishkill showroom at 38 Route 9 to see what’s new (from Cambria and our other top-quality suppliers) or call to arrange a consultation with our design team at (845) 564-0500.