Signs You’re Ready for a Home Remodel

Our homes need attention periodically, from minor touchups to a larger-scale project. Beyond cosmetic updates, there may be functional issues that come into play. Here are some signs that it’s time to undertake a home remodeling project for your Hudson Valley home.

Your kitchen cabinets and/or countertops are worn or outdated

Before remodel
View before and after photos of this kitchen remodel project.

You may notice the screws are loose in your cabinet doors, the doors jiggle or don’t close properly, and the drill holes are too worn down to refurbish. Those are signals to start shopping for new kitchen cabinets

All countertops, regardless of material, experience minor blemishes and scratches over time. However, if your countertops are 15 years old with stains or cracks, or they are lifting, you may want to replace them.  If the counter surfaces are breaking or have imperfections that cannot be repaired with a minor touch up, you are ready to remodel your kitchen. 

You’re selling or flipping a house

If you are putting your house on the market or flipping an older home, you will surely want to refurbish it before selling. Updating a home before listing it will increase its market value. It enhances its appeal to potential home buyers seeking to do as little up-front work as possible. For house flippers who invest in distressed properties or outdated homes, kitchen and bath remodeling should be part of your strategy, as well as replacing flooring in bad condition. This is especially true in the competitive Hudson Valley housing markets in Dutchess, Ulster, and Orange counties.

You’ve outgrown your usable space

Perhaps you’ve started a family or it’s grown. Or maybe after being in your home for a time, you realize you need more countertop space to accommodate your cooking and small appliance needs. (Check out the appliance lift we install in kitchen cabinetry!) If you’re feeling stuck in a small space, you could expand your kitchen architecturally with major construction. You can also extend your kitchen workspace or seating capacity by adding an island. Adding a cabinet structure and countertops can help you maximize capacity of usable space without breaking the bank. 

You want a more functional kitchen

Does your kitchen work well for the way you use it?  Or are you adjusting how you use your kitchen to make it work for you?  For example, adding a dishwasher to an older kitchen will make cleanup so much easier. Installing a trash or recycling bin in your countertops will help keep the area clean and more organized. Certain drawers may not open to full capacity due to an outdated design—and cause daily frustration. These scenarios all point to reconsidering your kitchen design so that it makes the most practical sense and use of the space. If that is the case, consult with a designer to design and build a more efficient, more functional kitchen

It’s time to update your home’s interior design

There are so many beautiful older homes in Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties—but many are outdated. If you bought your Hudson Valley home “as is” but want to remodel it to suit your taste, you are unquestionably ready to renovate. At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we offer a wide selection of cabinets, countertops, tiles, and flooring for every room in your house. Our designers will show you styles, colors, and top-quality products to match your style and your budget.  

If you are ready for a room or whole-home remodel, visit our showroom at 38 Route 9 in Fishkill or call (845) 284-9851 to arrange a consultation. Our design team will help bring lasting beauty to your home that reflects your style.