The Pros and Cons of Open-Concept Kitchens in Remodeling Projects

Open floor plans—usually a “great room” with an open-concept kitchen fully visible and contiguous dining and living rooms—have been popular for decades. Advancements in home construction, including the ability to shift where load-bearing walls are located within a home, helped bring the modern style of open-concept kitchens into the traditional living space.

Open concept kitchen pros and cons

The open floor plans also evolved around changing household lifestyles, providing easier flow and versatility for entertaining or keeping an eye on the kids from the kitchen. However, many Hudson Valley homeowners considering a kitchen remodel are asking if the open concept is going out of style and if closed kitchens are making a comeback, In a survey by Rocket Homes, 51.2% of respondents prefer open layouts and 48.8% prefer traditional layouts so it’s hard to say. 

Choosing either is a subjective, personal choice. Here are some pros and cons of open-concept kitchens from the Affordable Granite & Cabinetry kitchen remodeling team.

The pros of open kitchens

The lack of dividing walls and an open space from the kitchen to communal areas does have its benefits.

  • Enhanced natural light. 
  • A feeling of enlarged space. Fewer walls give the impression of a larger home.
  • More gathering space and better flow for family and friends.
  • Full view of your common living area from the open kitchen. Parents can prepare meals or put groceries away while also keeping an eye on children watching TV or playing in the adjacent space.
  • Versatile and “open” entertaining. The hosts are not cloistered in a closed kitchen, they are part of the party even when “working” it. In an open kitchen, hosts can do final prep work and enjoy conversation, appetizers on the kitchen island, or party set-up at the same time with their guests.

The cons of open kitchens

More people are working from home and lifestyle preferences are shifting, leading to fewer people asking for a kitchen remodel that includes an open floor plan.

  • Noise, lack of privacy. People who work from home and lack a separate home office may choose the kitchen table or island as their workstation. Without a discrete space, the noise and activity from the rest of the open area can be distracting, and private phone calls must be taken elsewhere. It works the other way, too—sounds from noisy blenders and food processors will interfere with your family’s activities in the other part of the great room. 
  • Can’t hide the mess! Your kitchen is always on view so if tidiness is important to you, you’ll have to keep the open kitchen clean, with everything in its place at all times. And after the meal, all the dirty dishes, containers, and cookware will be in full view until washed.
  • Public food prep. You may not want your guests to see the secret behind your sauce . . . or how many pots and pans you’re using to whip up that meal.
  • Potential for higher remodeling cost. Because there are no interior walls to support the open floor plan, your contractor will have to use heavier supporting beams, which can cost more.
  • Few walls = fewer cabinets = less storage space. Also, less space to hang artwork, photos, etc.

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