Is Hardwood Flooring in Your Future? Here are Some Reasons Why You Should Consider Hardwoods for Your Home

If you are renovating your home and are shopping for flooring, solid hardwood flooring is a great option for nearly every room.

1 – Unlike factory-made laminate, solid hardwood floors offer natural beauty and variety in each plank, with shades, swirls, and grains that add character to your home.

2 – Hardwood floors add a touch of warmth and classic elegance to any home. Plus, their color stays true without fading.

3 – They require little maintenance to keep clean—simple sweep or clean with a dust mop or vacuum regularly, and mop with warm water and cleaning products made specifically for wooden floors. They are also more stain resistant than carpeting and with proper care, are durable, providing a beautiful setting for your rooms for many years.

4 – Wood floors don’t harbor airborne allergens as carpeting and tile grout lines do, so they are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

5 – If you are preparing to sell your home, know that hardwood floors are a sought-after feature; prospective buyers will appreciate seeing the neutral, classic backdrop (rather than carpeting that they will have to replace due to color or style). 

6 – Hardwood floors are on trend when it comes to contemporary renovations. And, because hardwoods look good with any décor, you can update your decorative accessories or furnishings, replace cabinets or counters, change the paint color, and still have beautiful flooring that goes with the room. If you decide you want to change the color of the flooring, solid hardwood can be refinished and stained in a new shade (rather than replaced).


Hardwood flooring at Affordable Granite & Countertops

We carry and install the Barnwood Living™ line from Bruce, one of the most respected names in hardwood flooring. It is designed and curated by Home Improvement Network star Mark Bowe of Barnwood Builders. With his team, Bowe reclaimed more than 500 pioneer-era structures, and purchases old barns and log cabins and converts them into modern houses. The Barnwood Living collection replicates the authentic weathering and character found in reclaimed barnwood. 

This solid hardwood flooring, in red oak, white oak, and hickory, enables homeowners to choose from a range of shades to complement their kitchen cabinetry and countertops beautifully. Come see Affordable Granite & Countertops to discuss your home renovation ideas and see how solid hardwood floors can work for you. 

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