Popular Kitchen Design Trends and the Cabinets that Love Them

Design trends and popular tastes come and go. What our parents coveted in the 1970s was replaced in the 1990s; what homeowners installed in the 1990s is now being updated for today’s lifestyles in the 2020s.

There will always be a place for all-white kitchens and raised panel cabinet doors, but what are kitchen designers and cabinet makers seeing in kitchen renovations today? The 2021 design trends are quite varied so whatever your personal taste, you’re likely to find a design trend you like (hint: given the cabinet companies we work with, you’re sure to find kitchen or bathroom cabinetry that suits your space and taste without a problem!)

kitchen design trends

Here are some design trends to consider if you’re updating your space or planning a complete kitchen renovation.

  • Bring in bold color – rather than white or pale neutral paint or stain, try bright painted cabinetry to pack a vibrant punch to your kitchen décor, or darker shades for drama. Some of our trusted vendors offer cabinet doors and cases in beautiful rich colors, in paints and stains, from pale to deep. We can recommend some beautiful and dramatic countertops to go with your bold new kitchen, which we discussed in a previous post.
  • Two-toned cabinetry – mixing different stains or colors enables you to create a unique look. Try white or lighter upper cabinets with a contrasting darker color or a wood look in the base cabinetry. This creates a sense of openness and lightness, and balances the space.
  • If white or bold colors are not your style, you’ll be happy to know that natural wood cabinets are regaining popularity. Some designers are recommending natural wood islands or only lower cabinets rather than a completely wood-look kitchen (similar to the design idea of white uppers, darker lowers).
  • Specialty finishes such as distressed, vintage or rustic, created with paints and glazes, set the stage for unique kitchen cabinetry.
  • In keeping with the shift away from neutral, you may also choose to install new appliances in colors as opposed to stainless steel—a favorite among homeowners with vintage or retro-style kitchens.
  • Streamlined is in – clean, minimalistic design is on trend this year—cabinet doors with smooth edge profiles and clean lines. Consider new hardware to match your simpler cabinet doors and drawers, whether something with clean, modern lines or hardware in a dark color that makes a statement.
  • A simpler look calls for decluttering, and decluttered kitchens can handle some open shelving, another concept making a resurgence. It’s a nice way to store and display certain items and opens up the whole room.
  • Delineate the kitchen space – those open-concept kitchens might not work so well for modern lifestyles, where the kitchen is also a multipurpose workspace for families. Rather than kitchen-as-public-room, some homeowners are bringing back privacy to their kitchens.
  • Update the backsplash – today’s tile selections are as varied as your imagination, with colors, shapes and textures, and design configurations that help your cabinetry stand out.
  • Integrate appliances with cabinetry – talk about streamlined! Appliances are installed with custom panels to be flush with and match the cabinets.
  • Brighten up with artwork –prop up a piece on an open shelf or decorate kitchen walls with framed art, photography, or posters to refresh the room.
  • Add LED lighting – bring more illumination to counter workspaces or your kitchen desk area with energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs.
  • Include specialized storage options – those doors and drawers can hide great ways to maximize storage space for pots and pans, spices, knives and utensils, and trash and recycling receptacles.

Kitchen cabinetry is usually what people see first when they enter the room. Make sure yours makes an impact, with the styling you prefer and quality that endures. Contact Affordable Granite & Cabinetry for a consultation and discover how our cabinetry and stone countertops can bring new life to your kitchen. Follow us on Facebook for style tips and the latest ideas in countertops, cabinets, and flooring.