Must-Have Accessories for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Any fashionista will tell you that accessories make the outfit, right? At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we have practical must-have accessories that maximize your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 

 There are hundreds of pullout and rollout cabinet accessories on the market. But not every home needs the latest shiny object. Our designers in our Fishkill showroom will present the products that work best for your needs and make the most of your space. Here are our user-friendly favorites. 

spice pull outSpice / pantry pullout

If you have a narrow space at the end of your kitchen wall cabinets or in your base cabinetry, these handy spice or pantry pullouts are great. These pullout cabinets fit where you often see a filler, to store small items like spice jars or larger pantry dry goods. The spice/pantry pullout can fit cabinet spaces from 9” to 18” in base cabinets, 9” and 12” in wall cabinets, and 3” to 6” wide in filler spaces (in various heights) where traditional cabinetry doesn’t fit. You get a nice deep pullout that is sturdy and stable (no wiggling) and free up room in other kitchen cabinets. Plus, you convert what would be wasted space into a super utility cabinet. 

 Rollout trays 

Rollout trays make any tall pantry or base cabinet so much more accessible. No more peering into the back of a cabinet or struggling to reach anything on shelves that don’t move. These rollout trays make everything easy to see and reach. Older adults and those with mobility issues love the ease these versatile cabinet accessories provide.  

 You can adjust the height when installed and use rollout trays in conjunction with traditional shelving. Customize yours by mounting them on the cabinet floor or the cabinet wall. Choose the metal wire design (which can be stacked) or wood. Then stock them with bottles and jars, or pots and pans. In the bathroom, the high-back wood rollout trays in the vanity hold cosmetics, bath and body products, and cleaning products. Have a wide cabinet? Install rollout trays side by side.  

 You’ll also appreciate the soft-close mechanism that helps extend the tray’s lifespan and keeps contents from rattling around.  

 Appliance lift

You love to cook or bake and have heavy-duty counter appliances to prepare your family’s favorites. But hoisting that mixer or deluxe juicer from under the kitchen cabinet to the counter can be tough on your back and hands. If you use heavy countertop appliances, we have the solution! The appliance lift is a two-in-one cabinet accessory that saves your back and clears counter space. It is a storage shelf or tray inside (with room for attachments), then lifts your appliance up to counter height for use. It even has an internal outlet to keep the appliance plugged in. This appliance lift can also be used for any heavy-duty countertop appliances like a crockpot, pressure cooker, blender, or food processor. The soft-close mechanism ensures slow, smooth closure into the cabinet and the lift locks into place when fully extended. We love this cabinet accessory! 

 Sink base liner

Don’t let spills ruin the interior of your kitchen sink base cabinet. These polymer sink base liners protect the sink base cabinet from damage caused by minor leaks and spills. The liner’s design funnels liquids to the front of the cabinet and onto the floor to alert you of the problem. These sink base liners come in several sizes and neutral colors and are easy for anyone to install. They make cleaning inside the cabinet easy and are resistant to moist household chemicals. 

 Powered vanity drawer

Put the power of a hair salon in your bathroom vanity with this powered vanity drawer. It converts the drawer into a hairstyling workstation with an integrated two-plug power receptacle. The two stainless steel bins are made to handle hot appliances like blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. The drawer’s automatic shut-off switch cuts power when the drawer is closed for safety. The handy wood caddy holds small items like hair ties, clips, and pins. Happy styling! 

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