Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or redesign in 2023, here are trends to be aware of to guide your kitchen design. The topline notes are about color, finishes, and how people are using their kitchens today.

Kitchen trends 2023

  • Kitchen design is moving away from grey or white as the primary colors and introducing warmer whites and greige (grey-beige). These new neutrals look great when contrasted with some brighter or bolder colors as accents on backsplashes, hood surrounds, countertops, and accent cabinets.
  • The minimalist all-white kitchen cabinets are being replaced by warm, natural wood tones paired with paint for a more natural-looking, organic look. Wood grain is being featured as a 2023 kitchen design trend—and is showing up in modern veneers as well.
  • Kitchen design is more nature-inspired, reflected in the color palettes, tones, and finishes on cabinetry. Neutral warm and cool wood tones are showing up in cabinet finishes and stains.
    • Designers are bringing in custom paint colors on cabinetry in tones of primary colors (blue, red) and secondary (green) as well as neutrals (new hues of white and grey).
  • The organic elements for kitchens are also seen in natural stone countertops, more eco-friendly materials, metal accents, and of course, wood cabinetry. At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, you’ll find many natural stone countertop options such as marbles and quartzites.
    • Soft greens, blues, peaches, and pinks are becoming popular. In the kitchen, consider bringing these into the cabinetry, backsplash, or wall paint. In the bathroom, blues and greens are best for wall color, artwork, fabrics, and vanities.
    • Gold and other metallics make an excellent accent statement.


Subdued countertop colors

countertops 2023

Bringing in those more dramatic accents, earthier tones, and light natural wood cabinets calls for balancing out the look with soft muted shades for countertops. The softer countertop look complements the warmer wood cabinetry that’s on trend this year. Two countertop products that speak to this 2023 kitchen design trend are Cambria’s new Everleigh design, which features cool gray and warm, sand-honey tonalities; and Fantasy Brown Leather, a highly durable natural stone product that looks and feels like marble and has both warm and cool sandy tones. Ask us about quartz or quartzite countertops at Affordable Granite & Cabinetry—these materials are non-porous, are easy to maintain, and resist stains.


Less shine, more natural vibes

kitchen trends 2023

Choose fixtures with matte and brushed metallic finishes (pewter, nickel, stainless steel). The emphasis is no longer on shiny objects! Cabinet hardware isn’t the only product veering away from shine in 2023. So are the topcoat sheens on cabinetry, with lower-sheen topcoats over paints and stains.


Bigger islands for more uses

Two Level Island

As the heart of the home, the kitchen has become the place where more than meals are prepared or buffet dinners are set up. It’s also become a workspace for family members. If your kitchen design plan includes an island, consider building an oversized island that not only accommodates food prep but has space for seating—for eating as well as doing homework or for working from home. Larger kitchen islands also accommodate entertaining more easily. One design trend that combines working island with dining table is the two-level island.


Double the pleasure

Larger Hudson Valley homes may be able to accommodate a double-sized island for all the uses noted above, as well as two sinks or two major appliances if multiple adults are cooking and washing up. Homeowners who keep kosher homes already know the value of having two sinks, two ovens and two dishwashers. With careful space planning (and a large enough kitchen), doubling up is possible.

Simpler, deeper cabinetry

luna dove kona

Sleeker cabinet doors such as Fabuwood’s new Luna style are trending—their simplicity goes with more styles and update your kitchen’s overall look. Also, if you have the space and need more storage, you can specify deeper, larger wall and base cabinets from certain manufacturers. Our kitchen planner can guide you on this.


Full backsplashes

Another 2023 trend in kitchen design is to replace smaller tiles on the backsplash with one large continuous slab. This full backsplash can match the countertop for a seamless look, or be the bold accent element. Popular choices for these slab backsplashes are quartz, granite, and marble but you’ll find plenty of options in our showroom. These slab backsplashes are easy to clean since they are a single surface and create drama when installed all the way to the ceiling, and around windows or the range hood.

Another product that creates a seamless look: backless stoves, which reduce backsplash crowding with upscale style.


Open up those windows!

A major kitchen renovation may include installing bigger, taller windows and window walls with sliding doors that connect indoor and outdoor dining and entertaining spaces. These windows bring in nature views and abundant sunlight.


Butler’s pantry

The butler’s pantry is usually adjacent to the kitchen and functions as a true working pantry. It’s used for additional kitchenware or food storage, meal preparation or staging . . . even a coffee bar can be hidden there, away from the main room but easily accessed. Depending on the space in your Hudson Valley home, we may be able to design and build a hidden butler’s pantry behind built-in cabinetry, lift-up, or pocket doors for clean, uncluttered look. Anyone for a latte or macchiato? Let’s just slide or open this full-length wall cabinet to crank up the barista-sized espresso machine!


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