Contemporary Cabinetry Designs for Today’s Kitchens

Kitchen design trends come and go (and often come back again but please—no more avocado appliances!). Today’s kitchens and the homeowners who love them have a lot to look forward to with these latest in-vogue looks.

If you’re embarking on a renovation or in starting new home construction, here are the hottest cabinet finishes and features for an amazing kitchen.

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Colors: Moody Blues and Greens

Kitchen designers are moving away from gray (and the cool hues of gray and white pairings) towards moodier tones of blue and green that add warmth. These cabinet colors are also the perfect counterpoint to white or off-white glazed cabinet doors or stained wood. You’ll find these tones in many semi-custom cabinetry lines as well as more economical brands such as Fabuwood.

We recommend using blues and greens on base cabinets and contrast them with:

  • Light to mid-tone wood (including rustic or patina finishes, noted below) on wall cabinets and islands, flooring, wall shelves
  • Bright white or off-white countertops or backsplash tiles
  • Matte black and stain or polished bronze hardware, faucets, light fixtures

Walk into a kitchen that pairs blue and green tones with rustic or patina finishes, traditional wood stains, or shades of white and you’ll forget what’s for dinner—you’ll be enjoying the view too much!

Floating Shelves

Open floating shelves take the place of upper cabinets for practical storage and are used for display purposes as well. The idea here is to reduce the number of upper cabinets and create an airier ambiance in your kitchen. These also offer a “clean” line, since they appear to be floating—no brackets are visible.

Installing floating shelves offers you diversity of materials (just as cabinetry does)—interesting stains and colors against tile, and finishes that offer striking contrast with lower cabinets. They provide you an opportunity to be creative with placement and finishes, and you’re sure to find materials that make an excellent design counterpoint to your kitchen cabinets, counters, and backsplash.

As with cabinetry, you’ll find floating shelves from many semi-custom cabinetry manufacturers as well as budget-friendly lines such as RiverRun and Fabuwood (Fabuwood also offers its shelving options in walnut and stainless steel).

Rustic Wood and Patina Finishes

Wood never goes out of style—and two new-old looks are quite popular now: rustic wood and reclaimed patina. These finishes are newest way to bring contemporary style to your kitchen design, with the natural beauty of wood shining through. And when we say “natural,” we mean closer to what you’d find in nature.

At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we’re seeing more customers request rustic wood cabinetry (bring on those rustic knots and wood grain!) as well as the reclaimed patina finishes, like the ones we carry from Woodland Cabinetry. Reclaimed patina is an all-natural finish technique that makes the wood look as if it’s been weathered by the elements. The patina wood finish makes a beautiful accent statement in your kitchen or bath, and is also an excellent option for flooring.

At Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, we work with a range of cabinetry vendors who offer cabinets in many materials and finishes to work with any décor and budget. Our home remodeling professionals will show you options for cabinets, countertops, and flooring that will transform your space and help make your vision a beautiful reality. Set up an appointment today in our Fishkill or Newburgh locations for a planning consultation at (845) 284-9854 or fill out our form and we’ll be in touch.